The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 38

My stomach is already swollen, but when I tried to get up to head for the library, a person who appears like the head chef entered the room and bowed to me and Calcilast-sama.

I wonder if something happened? Did he come here to say the way I ate was disappointing and crude? I nervously observed the approaching head chef.

I straightened my back, displayed what I believe to be a refined expression, and pulled the chair in. Like this, I won’t be yelled at like “Your way of eating luxury desserts is improper!”, maybe.

The head chef informed Calcilast-sama. In a bright and merry voice. I don’t feel a speck of ill will. The tip of his white hat is shaking a little.

“Calcilast-sama, just now we’ve received a hard-to-obtain high-class melon… How about it Marikana-sama? I can say with absolute confidence it is delicious. I guarantee it”

Calcilast-sama thought for a while, then glanced at me and asked. His looks are handsome. I know, but.

“Do you wish to eat the high-class melon, Marikana? I eat them occasionally…”

I innocently replied “I want to!” immediately. I wonder how it tastes. When the head chief clapped his hands, a cook brought the melon on a plate.

When he came near, a fragrance unlike ordinary melons filled the air. With my eyes lit up I stared at the rare melon placed on the table.

Can I eat it? I looked at the people around. With Calcilast-sama nodding and head chef smiling, I faced the cut-up melon with a fork in my hand.

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