The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 40

Together with Calcilast-sama I’ve also finished the melon. The head chef said these word “There are still goods I’m proud of… If you aren’t full…”

I shook my head with a serious look. I can’t eat any more… I seem to be unable to move… I ate the whole cheesecake. I want to say that…

I glanced at Calcilast-sama, and with his nod I spoke to the head chief. I tried to sound as nice as possible. After wiping my mouth with an amber handkerchief with a butterfly pattern.

“No, eating too many delicious things… If I eat any more, the cooking in my home won’t taste delicious…”

The head chef had a disappointed face. He looks like a scolded dog. I wonder if what I said was terrible!? Perhaps I should apologize… So I thought, but Calcilast-sama backed me up “Head chef, thank you. Marikana seems already satisfied…”

As expected, he’s a gentle prince. Lovely! Because the head chef said “I understand… Please come to eat again, Marikana-sama…” I replied “Certainly!”

I and Calcilast-sama stood up pushing back our wooden chairs. Then we returned them to their original position.

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