The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 41

The head chef made sure “In that case, I will return to work, Calcilast-sama… you have no business with me anymore, right?”

Calcilast-sama said in a calm voice. Ah, handsome, well, I know it perfectly, but…

“Head chef, thank you. Marikana was also pleased… Look forward to your salary this month. I will ask father indirectly”

Hearing Calcilast-sama’s statement, the head chef stretched his back, bent his waist and lowered his head saying “Thank you. Calcilast-sama”

Calcilast-sama spoke to the servants “Please don’t fuss over me being on a date with Marikana… That is fine, right?” All servants replied in harmony “Yes, Calcilast-sama”

I picked up the bag I put on the seat next to mine and stood at Calcilast-sama’s side. He held out his hand and asked with unease “Would you mind?”

I raised my voice cheerfully “With pleasure! My beloved Calcilast-sama!” At the table, the cooks were cleaning the white plates, cups, saucers, and so on.

I told them “That was a wonderful meal! Thank you!”

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