The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 43

We advanced through the corridor with my gaze dropped to the emerald deep-pile carpet. My tension died down… Calcilast-sama is too wonderful, I shouldn’t be allowed to stand next to him…

The two people who passed us cheerfully greeted us “Good morning! Calcilast-sama, Marikana-sama!”

Calcilast-sama dashingly returned a bright reply. I spoke in a gloomy voice “Good morning…” One of the servants asked “Marikana-sama, do you feel unwell?” He’s gentle…

I forced myself to smile and replied “I’m slightly lacking sleep… Don’t worry about it…” without energy…

Calcilast-sama was the first to react. He looked with a face like he was in pain and asked.

“My Marikana… Would you like to go take a rest somewhere? Or do you want to sleep?”

I threw those words “No, it’s not to that degree… I’m alright, let’s go on a date…” It might be like having homerun hit as a batter.

Calcilast-sama stopped his feet and put his hand against my forehead. His act startled me. Calcilast-sama declared “You don’t have fever” with relieved atmosphere.

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