The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 44

Calcilast-sama is still worriedly looking at me. With our feet stopped, we’re looking at each other. I might be lacking restraint considering the atmosphere, but he really has a well-featured face.

Even in Japan he’d easily be a handsome celebrity. He’s unapparelled in the whole country. Such a person loves me. But why? I don’t understand the reason…

I want to hear the reason, but it being put into words is frightening… My heart feels like rings spreading on a lake after a stone was thrown into it. I feel like I’m rapidly falling into a hole. There I’m wrapped in total darkness and I can’t see anything… Only darkness exists.

Then I heard a tiny voice “Marikana, Marikana…” and I came back from my world of daydream. Calcilast-sama is lightly shaking my shoulders while desperately calling my name… Happiness filled me heart.

I spoke “Thank you very much, Calcilast-sama.” Then with “What is it?” he tilted his head and a question mark appeared above his head. I said.

“That we met… That alone is enough to make me happy…”

He abruptly laughed and told me “I feel the same, Marikana…”

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