The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 45

I regained a little… rather, plenty energy. I broke into a slight smile. Calcilast-sama’s sweet words seem to have defeated me.

I can see a garden from the window. On the lawn are soldiers vigilant about suspicious people lurking around. They’re wearing silver armor and helmets, holding spears in their hands.

They have to fight dangers risking their lives. It’s tough, isn’t it. I guess they don’t fail to practice, everyone has splendid physiques. They’re tall with thick arms and legs.

If a monster appeared there, it seems it would die in a single blow. At that moment, a sound of whistle “Pii!” resounded. Soldiers assembled in the garden. About thirty people.

Because it’s a vast garden, even with so many people they aren’t clustered together. They’re pointing overhead. I and Calcilast-sama ran up to a window to look.

There’s a monster ten time the size of a crow there. Its weapons seem to be its beak and talons. Both are sharp. One of the soldiers threw a spear.

The monster caught it with its feet and threw it back putting in its own strength. The soldiers safely dodged it, but there’s no way to bring it down and defeat it.

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