The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 47

I complimented him “You were amazing just now! You defeated the monster in an instant!” I’m glad the dangerous monster was repelled with Calcilast-sama’s actions.

Calcilast-sama said shyly. Like he was revealing a secret. Such a look is also cute…

“I seem to have some talent for magic, so I’ve been diligently studying and using it. Secretly. My father wouldn’t look at me favorably for being too open about it… By the way, how was I before?”

I replied “You were amazingly cool, like a hero from legends! My heart is still beating fast!” with admiration.

Calcilast-sama seemed satisfied and showed a slightly proud smile. It’s amazing he hasn’t even started sweating after moving this much.

Last night’s piggybacking date last for over an hour, he certainly is tough. I fell in love with Calcilast-sama again. It’s not only his face. It’s also his diligence that I’ve learned of by chance.

He’s very different from me. But I can’t lose. I have to do my best at something too. Let’s imitate his diligence!

We joined our hands interlocking our fingers. And started walking again. I glanced at Calcilast-sama’s profile. He’s more beautiful than ever. Like a sculpture.

I asked “Can you use other magic? My beloved…”

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