The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 48

Calcilast-sama said “Yeah, as the result of my continuous effort… I can use hundreds of them… Don’t you think I’ve overdone it? Studying is so fascinating I can’t stop…”

He has a fresh, happy atmosphere. Hee, does he like it so much. I’ve heard magic is difficult. Even so he has talent for it. I’m jealous…

I wonder how much he must train to be this skillful at magic. I said to him.

“I don’t think you’re overdoing it. Your hard work is the treasure of the country. Please do your best from now on too, okay? I’m looking forward to it!”

He gripped my hand a little stronger. I wonder if Calcilast-sama is happy? I hope so. Calcilast-sama said so.

“I want to secretly protect the country… Ah, please keep it hidden, okay? A prince doing such a thing…”

Calcilast-sama showing self-derision seemed somewhat lonely. I’d like to praise him somehow. I said so.

“Calcilast-sama is a wonderful person. A versatile one! Please don’t be pessimistic!”

Calcilast-sama muttered “Thank you for your kind words, I calmed down…”

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