The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 49

I admire Calcilast-sama from the bottom of my heart. I wish for the perfect him to push forward undaunted. Such a lifestyle is cool…

Truly, I love Calcilast-sama… I will always love him. Even if the thought of condemnation is unbearable…

I looked at Calcilast-sama’s face as I walked next to him. Skin white as fresh snow, gentle expression, broad-mindedness that embraces everything… He’s lovely… I wonder why such a wonderful person chose me… Such a doubt came to my mind.

He noticed my gaze and our eyes met. Calcilast-sama, seeming happy, sweetly smiled… My heart started beating fast. After all he’s like a celestial being…

Calcilast-sama spoke. In a voice that felt kind. His voice is also beautiful… He truly has no weak spots.

“What’s the matter? Were you captivated by me? I’m just joking…”

I asked “That’s right. I can only gaze at you while I’m alive… Please be with me as much as you can, okay?”

Calcilast-sama made a confident statement “That’s natural. Until we pass away together!”

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