The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 50

I feel like I’ve spent a long time in a hot spring of Calcilast-sama’s words. It feels like my heart melts in this pleasant warmth. I’m becoming used to such happiness… I’ve never thought it would happen.

At any rate, he’ll leave me… I wonder if our definite bond called engagement will be cut apart… That… I want to avoid that. Important… Calcilast-sama is more important to me than myself.

I want him to be happy… Even if I have to be sacrificed… My thoughts are grasping at straws. Even if I have to rely on unreliable things…

I absolutely want to avoid parting with Calcilast-sama’s smile. But I wonder if it’s possible for me… I’m ultimately a villainess… That fact remains unchanged.

I wonder if I can deal with it having regained the memories of my previous life… Which path should I follow to connect us? I wonder if there are options other than ruin… The devil called anxiety scoffed at me.

Ruin awaits… Ruin awaits … I staggered. That instant Calcilast-sama embraced me. His masculine body is reliable. But it can’t be called adult yet.

Calcilast-sama said “Are you okay? You staggered…” while supporting me carefully as if he was dealing with glasswork.

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