The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 51

Calcilast-sama kindness permeated me. How big-hearted he is. He’s too generous. He’s so greatly talented despite being just a single member of royalty.

I regained my footing like a newborn foal standing up. Putting strength into my feet, I appealed to myself in my heart. Be firm!

What am I doing making Calcilast-sama worry? What will I do if stress pierces a hole in his stomach? Due to the me without any value…

I brought up this subject to Calcilast-sama. While standing by myself. He corrected his attitude like he’s taking care of the elderly.

“Am I not a nuisance to Calcilast-sama? I’m only a trouble…”

Calcilast-sama returned a lovely, warm smile like a beautiful actor.

“Marikana, you aren’t a nuisance when I’m together with you. I… I’m worried that I’m a nuisance…”

I’m surprised. I gazed at him with my mouth absentmindedly open. Calcilast-sama a nuisance? Me saying “There’s no way you’d be a nuisance!” resounded in the hallway at a grand volume.

Two, three doors opened in the hallway and the people from them looked at me. I said “Pardon me” bowing my head.

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