The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 52

I apologized “I’m sorry for raising my voice, Calcilast-sama…” in a secretive voice. It was a breach of manners of a sheltered young lady…

I’m a hopeless person… Or should I say careless… Or rather a natural airhead… I fell into self-loathing. I’m incompetent… It’s disappointing.

Is there a place for a couple with such a difference in ability in this world? Surely there isn’t?

Thinking so, I became so sad I want to die. This feeling… How can I turn my thoughts around?

Will they persist for as long as I’m together with Calcilast-sama?

I wonder if I can endure… I properly understand that perseverance is crucial. Still, if I endure it I might be able to stay forever with Calcilast-sama. Even if it’s merely a possibility…

“Marikana? Did you enter the delusion mode once again? The world is not as serious as you believe…” with Calcilast-sama’s voice simulating my brain I returned.

There Calcilast-sama who’s like a beautiful doll was looking at me worriedly.

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