The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 53

Spellbound as usual, I gazed absent-mindedly at Calcilast-sama. Ah, a beauty… I feel that such a pretty boy actually existing is a mystery.

I have the gaze of such a person all for myself… I shouldn’t wish for anything more. After all, I’m satisfied with the current situation. There’s nothing to be dissatisfied about…

However, I don’t have confidence my instability won’t be a burden to Calcilast-sama… Actually, I feel guilty… I…

I shook my head. To stop my thoughts from falling into a downward spiral. I can’t compare myself to Calcilast-sama… He’s perfect… I’m full of flaws… Ah, I’m thinking like that again…

I’m irritated by my own gloominess. It seems this irritation slipped past my mask.

I felt his gentle palm on my head and looked up. Calcilast-sama was smiling sweetly and said.

“Please don’t worry all by yourself… I might not be reliable, but at least I can listen? Well, I do know it’s your peculiarity to think alone…”

Being stroked, like a cat I narrowed my eyes from pleasure.

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