The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 54

I realized my pulse sped up. Being touched by Calcilast-sama… It’s what I wish for, my feelings accelerated. More, touch me more…

It’s what I wish for… But is it okay if we get closer? Won’t Calcilast-sama leave my side disillusioned and dejected… Even if he whispers me words of love… I’m not confident…

After all, no matter what I do I won’t distinguish myself, only expose my incompetence to my surroundings… Sad reality… Calcilast-sama should have witnessed such a scene… And yet he unchangingly stayed by my side…

Is it Calcilast-sama’s love for me… Isn’t it an evidence that he really loves me… That may be a misunderstanding.

Does Calcilast-sama only laugh when he looks at the sorry me? His words and deeds might be only for show to play with me…

Something warm touched my hand. It was Calcilast-sama’s hand. It’s slender and white like wax. However, the heat from being touched naturally calmed me down.

He wrapped my hand with great care. With his hand that’s like a symbol of gentleness.

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