The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 55

We joined our hands interlocking our fingers and walked step by step through the corridor. I wonder, will we walk through this corridor in the future… Won’t it end in ruin… Such words come to mind.

I asked Calcilast-sama while squeezing his hand. I want to know his true feelings… I want to know our future… Or it might be the future of me alone…

“Calcilast-sama, if I were to disappear――”

And Calcilast-sama interrupted my words. Irritation, or rather anger showed on his face. I wonder what’s wrong.

“Marikana, please never say something like that! I will not accept it! No matter what happens!”

I felt deep sorrow in Calcilast-sama’s expression and saw tiny tears well in his eyes. I wonder if he seriously thinks so. Ah, if possible I’d like to read Calcilast-sama’s heart.

If I could, I feel like my worries would go away. It would make everything clear. I apologized. While looking in Calcilast-sama’s eyes.

“I’m sorry. In spite of myself, I’m pessimistic… I hate it myself…”

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