The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 57

I grasped Calcilast-sama’s hand tightly as if to swear to absolutely not let go after passing through the door. Ah, I might have put in too much strength…

But, if I don’t do at least this much I’ll be crushed by anxiety that Calcilast-sama will fly far away like a migratory bird… I wonder if I’m overthinking… But, but, it may happen in reality.

I’m not mean, however I’m a villain… Just being an ordinary lady might be good, however staying together with Calcilast-sama would be the best…

But, the world is cruel. There are so many things that don’t turn out well. After all, a child dying of hunger would absolutely prefer to live, yet it’s beyond its powers.

I am alive, furthermore at Calcilast-sama’s side, I should appreciate that much. Is wishing for more not like picking a fight with God, unarmed…

Calcilast-sama bringing up “Aren’t those roses beautiful?” returned me to the reality. I’m surprised by the contrast between red and white roses in the flower bed. Undoubtedly the gardener brought them up to be beautiful. I replied “Yes”

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