The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 58

Calcilast-sama and I headed towards the flower bed. There are many flowers there. Various flowers are swaying in the wind as if wanting to say “Good morning!” by bowing.

Ah, flowers calmed my heart. Perhaps that’s their virtue… They’re truly blooming beautifully. Even if they will someday wither, their desperation to live with the utmost effort is conveyed.

Even a beautiful flower doesn’t know when it will be picked. Even I don’t know when I’ll be convicted… Despite this, I feel a flower lives experiencing joy, unconcerned with such things.

And yet my mind repeats gloomy thoughts… It’s a world of difference… It’s sad and vexing, but I’m defeated by flowers… I feel like I am.

I asked while staring at Calcilast-sama. And unnaturally laughed.

“Does Calcilast-sama like flowers? Roses?”

Calcilast-sama sweetly smiled, and after considering something while looking at the empty sky for a moment spoke. A pleasant wind blew making the flowers dance.

“Yeah, my heart calms down when I look at them… Similar to when I look at Marikana…”

My cheeks turned pink at his statement.

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