The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 59

How can Calcilast-sama say something like that… I’m embarrassed… There’s no maiden whose heart wouldn’t flutter being told that with such a handsome face.

I took off my locked-on gaze off Calcilast-sama. He’s smiling sweetly with a gentle expression. Once again, I looked at the ground… He’s too handsome.

This is why pretty boys are unfair… You can’t look them in the eyes after being told sweet words… At times it makes me feel immature… At times it’s alright.

I wonder what’s difference between those two? It’s unclear to me… Do I like Calcilast-sama’s beautiful face? Or perhaps his very existence?

Calcilast-sama picked a red rose from the flower bed and presented it to me. “It’s a secret I picked it, okay? Otherwise I’ll be reprimanded… My mother cherishes them” said Calcilast-sama while scanning the surroundings.

Fortunately, there’s no one observing us. A little away, a luxuriously decorated horse carriage ran off. The horses pulled it obediently.

I wonder who’s in it? Was it a visitor? I observed the carriage for a while. However, urged by Calcilast-sama we joined hands and began walking. I’m reluctant to part with the colorful flower bed.

I gently put the rose in my bag.

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