The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 60

My heart got lively. I can stay with the so, so, so lovely Calcilast-sama… I wonder if there will be more happy incidents?

Well, if I search… No, there won’t, right. With what happened, there shouldn’t be. I’m happy right now… I’m glad I was born. Mather, father… Thank you for bringing me to this word.

I’m so happy that it feels like I’m crying. No, I’m crying hard in my mind. It doesn’t seem to stop easily… It’s like a heavy rain during the rainy season. I will get drenched unless I open the umbrella in my heart.

A pair of soldiers are standing away ahead of us to not disturb us, one of them said. His voice is somehow nervous. He’s being a little strange.

“Calcilast-sama, Marikana-sama, do you wish for a guard to come with you? I’ve heard there are many hoodlums…”

Then Calcilast-sama coolly said “It’s alright, we’re going out together. I appreciate your consideration” after proper consideration.

I wonder if they were impressed by his words, one of the soldiers dropped the spear and a shrill of metal resounded. As we left, the two of them apologized.

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