The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 61

We proceeded after leaving through the gate. Feeling light and merry. Just by walking with Calcilast-sama, my heart is bouncing, as if it was skipping. One, two, three…

The weather today is great. It feels as if God prepared it. Streaming sunlight comfortably illuminated our surroundings. I said “Calcilast-sama, a cat is basking in the sun over there!” in high spirits.

Calcilast-sama directed his gaze at it then showed an unrivaled, handsome smile and said.

“It really is. From its collar I guess it’s a pet cat. Ah, it turned over! He must truly feel good…”

Pulling Calcilast-sama I approached the white cat. I guess it must eat well to be so plump.

I talked to it “Kitty, kitty?” However, the cat was fast asleep.

Calcilast-sama crouched and stroked the cat’s head. It seems to feel good, it let out “funya funya” in its sleep.

Just what kind of dream is it having. Considering it looks pleased. It’s undoubtedly a happy dream…

I suddenly became anxious as if I were dreaming right now as well. It got darker as if a veil of darkness descended on my shining heart…

It got darker still, as if more and more curtains were being drawn… Negative thought circuit engaged…

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