The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 63

The wind feels good. It’s kind and cool. Or rather, I can feel its gentleness… “Achoo!” and I sneezed. Calcilast-sama is watching in wonder, he’s staring. So much a hole is being pierced. It’s like he’s seeing such a creature for the first time.

What should I do if he comes to dislike me… I wonder if he’ll say I won’t talk to you anymore?

I’m gradually starting to feel unwell. Vulgar things are obviously met with disgust… If possible, I would like Calcilast-sama to stay as he is to me.

I wonder if it’s impossible. I hung my head… Dropped my shoulders. There’s nothing I can do anymore. It’s a farewell. Parting…

His shoulder began trembling from laughter. Giggle. As if he was laughing at me. Dejection took over me.

From the corner of my eyes tears started to fall. Sad, sad tears… !

I was wrapped in something warm. Looking up, pale blue eyes were sweetly smiling. He said.

“Let’s warm up a little. Just a little…”

I also wrapped my arms around his back. Sparrows turned towards us and chirped… Soldiers passed by pretending not to notice us.

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