The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 64

Neither I nor Calcilast-sama will release our arms wrapping each other. Ah, happiness… I want to stop time…

I wonder if such a happy time will come again? Thinking so, a tsunami of anxiety surged swallowing the beach, it seems to have arrived in the town…

Calcilast-sama’s body smells warm and good. Or should I call it his fragrance… As I sniffed him, Calcilast-sama sniffled.

I wonder if he has a slight cold? Is his nose clogged? No way, for a perfect Calcilast-sama… There’s no way that’s the case.

Is he perhaps sobbing? Does something like hugging me fill him with disdain? After all I’m no good. I got conceited right away… I took the chance.

I’m the worst. I should separate my hands from him. I have to free him… But my hands don’t listen. As if refusing me… It seems like that.

It’s certainly scary. It seems like he’ll escape like a wild rabbit if I let him go…

I want to be at his side forever and ever… Even if I die as a result.

Calcilast-sama whispered “Marikana… Marikana…” while rubbing his handsome face on my hair.

My back shivered… I wonder if it’s the proof that I’m happy… or… something else…?

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