The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 65

I called out “Calcilast-sama?” but there was no reaction. He couldn’t have fallen asleep…

I wonder if it’s okay to stay like this a while longer. Just a little longer… Just a little longer…

“Ara? I feel dizzy. It’s like seasickness. It’s strange… With no choice left, I entrusted my body to Calcilast-sama.

He said “Marikana…!” somehow delighted. He hugged me all the stronger. “Fumyu!” I let out a strange voice.

The inside of Calcilast-sama arms feels like a cradle. I’m getting drowsy little by little… No, no.

I’d be shocked if I did that. Even the threat of it was enough to be bad for my heart…

Calcilast-sama spoke. While gazing at me with moist eyes.

“Would it be better if we let go…? But, if possible… If possible, that is…”

“A bit longer… like this… until the heavens… take us…” I replied.

And once again I let out “Fumyu

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