The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 67

I only feel warmth. I’m savoring happiness. The end of my life span and my demise are coming step by step…

Nothing will continue forever… From the moment of birth towards the last scene, we’re advancing acceleratingly.

When I looked at Calcilast-sama, our gazed collided head-on. It had such a momentum a car would be wrecked.

After intently watching me with gentleness, he said. I’m still somehow anxious. Why is it.

“Ah, more, how long can we do this? Marikana… Have you ever contemplated what you wish from life?”

Wish? After all, Calcilast-sama is particularly important to me.

I tried to convey it saying “No, please forget it… I just decided my wish on my own…”

Instead of answering, I put more strength into my arms. It’s all I can do…

Calcilast-sama said “I’m so happy right now that I’m about to cry… Something like this might not happen again…”

I said “Let’s treasure this moment…”

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