The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 68

I buried my face in Calcilast-sama’s chest and uttered.

“What is Calcilast-sama’s happiness? My is… my is… now…”

He spoke without paying attention to a carriage that passed by us raising a cloud of dust.

“I cannot say… If I said it, I feel like I’d grow wings and fly away… But… I want to say it…”

I replied “Please don’t suffer… All because of my question…”

After glancing at the blue sky, Calcilast-sama spoke to me, with his mind seemingly elsewhere.

“Everything might be an illusion… It may be a mere dream… I wonder what the truth is… Every night I’m worried…”

I tilted my head at Calcilast-sama who was trembling like a frail fawn and spoke.

“Isn’t it better if it’s not an illusion? Is there a meaning to questioning something so trifling… It’s a foolish reply, don’t you think?”

Calcilast-sama started incessantly blinking and muttered “Such a thing is…”

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