The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 71

Looking at Calcilast-sama, the artist opened her eyes wide, knocked over her chair, kneeled bowing her head and said.

“Prince, I beg of you, please forgive my rudeness…”

Calcilast-sama said “Please, stand up” and held out his hand.

The painter began standing up but stumbled knocking down the easel. Arara.

She  took off her hat and apologized many time over. Calcilast-sama returned “It’s okay”

The painter’s cheeks reddened somehow. She seems embarrassed.

It seems she suffered damage from the beauty aura Calcilast-sama’s gives off…

I got angry at Calcilast-sama who helped somebody else. My irritation grew like a balloon being inflated.

Is this what’s called jealousy? I wonder if I don’t want Calcilast-sama’s kindness to be directed at other people…

The prince is gentle to most people… I feel like it can’t be helped.

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