The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 72

The woman stood up and let go of his hand, then apologized again “Excuse me…”

She doesn’t seem like a bad person. I wonder if she’s a klutz…

It’s a type I don’t get to see much. She put her painting tools back.

Calcilast-sama said “Well then, please do your best” and lined up next to me. He said.

“She was quite a skilled painter. I’m looking forward to her future. Marikana?”

I said “That’s right” laconically and faced away.

I wonder if after all I’m jealous. It’s like a volcano erupting. In other words, it’s an explosion.

We walked along the castle once again. My frustration is gradually dying down… I think.

It’s my vice to overthink. I quickly rush towards the worst epilogue.

From now on, Calcilast-sama will become fond of that woman. Love buds… I will be completely forgotten.

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