The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 74

Narrowing his eyes and raising the corners of his mouth, Calcilast-sama inquired. In his usual voice brimming with kindness.

“Does Marikana paint? I became a little curious after seeing the woman from a while ago”

I shook my head like a dog shaking off water and answered.

“Although I have drawn before, it’s not my strong point…”

Calcilast-sama muttered “Is that so” with a perfect smile and asked.

“Won’t you show it to me the next time? Marikana’s painting…”

Troubled, I said weakly “If I manage to paint well…”

Calcilast-sama replied “Thank you. I’m looking forward to it”

Ah, I promised lightly, but I wonder if it’s okay… I became dejected.

The castle wall still stretches far away. But in time we’ll go beyond it.

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