The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 75

There’s nothing that won’t end… Certainly, even love…

Ah, it’s pigeons. An old man is feeding them bread pieces. They seem used to people and don’t try to escape.

Kurukkuu, kurukkuu, they demanded a meal. I wonder if they’re starving. Eat well…

I also want to give it something… But, I don’t have any food…

Gray pigeons are desperately pecking at the bread thrown for them. They’re eating delightfully.

Ara, I’m also hungry… I cannot help it. I have to eat something later, huh.

Calcilast-sama walked up to them, crouched, stroked a pigeon and said. With a smile like a rose.

“Marikana! Why don’t you also come here and touch them? They’re cute?”

I’m anxious I would be bitten. Because of the scar Calcilast-sama would leave me…

You can’t, me. I’m overthinking. Like that, I couldn’t do anything.

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