The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 76

Next to Calcilast-sama I hugged a pigeon. Wawa, cute.

I don’t want to let this pigeon go. I want to keep it…

Calcilast-sama said “It became attached to Marikana, huh” excitedly.

I gazed at the pigeon. It’s a good child. It cooed kurukkuu kurukkuu, seemingly delighted. How nice, how pleasant.

The pigeon I’m hugging rubbed its head against my hand and started play-biting.

What is this lovely animal. Unconsciously, I hugged it closely.

Calcilast-sama, looking at the pigeon that now got on my shoulder, said.

“Pigeons… What lovely birds. I wonder if I should ask father to implement pigeon feeding as a national policy…”

Like pouring a shower on Calcilast-sama, I asked him “Did you take such liking to pigeons?”

Calcilast-sama sweetly smiled and said. While stroking a pigeon on the cobblestone paving.

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