The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 77

“Yeah, naturally! Ah, naturally Marika is winning that…”

I asked him meanly. With a grin on my face. Like a villain.

“What am I winning? I’d certainly like to be taught…”

Calcilast-sama’s eyes became round, he blushed and averted his gaze. Then he said.

“That is, various things… If I had to say… Hmm…”

I giggled. Flustered Calcilast-sama is cute…

To somehow dodge the question, Calcilast-sama suddenly turned towards a pigeon and started talking.

“Pigeon-kun, don’t you think Marikana is mean? Such a thing… right?”

I lifted the pigeon with both hands, faced it towards Calcilast-sama, then said.

“Kurukkuu. Marikana is a good girl. Kurukkuu. She’s gentle. Kurukkuu”

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