The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 78

Calcilast-sama also unintentionally giggled, then lifted a pigeon and spoke.

“Kurukkuu. He is a prince. Kurukkuu. You ought to show him respect. Kurukkuu”

I apologized “I’m sorry. I was impolite”

Time flew while we admired pigeons. My, how cute…

When bread was torn and presented to them, every single of them swarmed vying for food.

It’s just like ants swarming sugar. I wonder if they don’t get much to eat?

It looks like there are dozens of pigeons. It’s a survival game, huh. Every single one of them is serious.

Pigeons ate up the bread scattered around. Looks like they found it delicious.

While watching I wondered if pigeons are omnivorous, and what else they might eat.

Calcilast-sama spoke to a single pigeon in his arms. With a serious face.

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