The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 79

“You are Kuu-chan from now on. I will keep you!”

I asked Calcilast-sama. While tilting my head.

“Is it fine to decide to keep it as you please? Can you properly take care of it every day?”

Then, Calcilast-sama, only managing to squeeze out “Ugh”, lowered his eyebrows and put the pigeon on the cobblestone.

He appears to have given up. As a prince he’s indebted to people like maids.

It’s a mystery how Calcilast-sama wanted to find time for it.

Well, speaking of mysteries, I’ve recently read an enigmatic mystery… Ah! I was about to derail from the topic.

Calcilast-sama returned the former Kuu-chan to the wild. They might not be able to meet anymore…

Well, partings are like that. Yup. There will also be new encounters, surely.

“Ah, ouch” I let out a tiny scream.  Looking at my feet, pigeons demanded food.

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