The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 80

Poke poke, they pecked at my feet and shoes. I was surprised.

I tore off a tiny piece of bread and presented it to a small pigeon. Then pigeons swarmed, harshly trampling and pushing the small pigeon away.

I feel a little sorry for it… I walked up to the tiny pigeon, lifted it and gifted it bread.

That child cooed kurukkuu kurukkuu in delight. What a nice sound.

I wonder if it was hungry. It ate the piece of bread.

That child looked at me and cooed. I wonder if it thanked me? How polite.

Then, it flew away from my hand. Flap flap. Other pigeons flew up as if on cue.

The meal time is over. Will we meet again?

I wish we could. Ah, I feel somewhat lonely.

Looking close, there are black pigeons around… Wrong, those are crows.

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