The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 81

I haven’t noticed at all. It’s like they’re skilled at disguising themselves. The crows pecked at the cobblestone pavement.

I looked at Calcilast-sama to see him approach me and say.

“Then, should we also go? At any rate, the pigeon was cute… I wanted to keep it…”

I unintentionally giggled. Calcilast-sama was disappointed looking at the pigeons flying away.

The crows flapped their jet-black wings, flew up and settled on the power line.

Calcilast-sama asked such a thing. He’s somehow amused.

“Do you know why the pigeon from a moment ago didn’t flee from humans? I saw it in a trivia book…”

I tilted my head slightly for ten, twenty seconds. Hmm, I don’t know…

I told Calcilast-sama “It’s my defeat. I surrender”

Then he spoke somewhat proudly.

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