The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 83

Ah, a guard saluted Calcilast-sama. But he doesn’t seem to have noticed.

It seems the soldier intends to maintain his posture until Calcilast-sama is no longer in sight.

There are many serious people in this country…No, perhaps in this world.

I wonder why people who stand at the top excel. For example, the king.

I hope these happy days continue from now on. Ah, I wished for it.

Even though shooting stars aren’t falling. Or rather, I wonder if I saw something like a shooting star.

Wish three times before a shooting star disappears… That might be how the saying goes, but it’s a little impossible.

It takes the blink of an eye, so isn’t it fine to wish just once.

Woof. Woof. Yup? Am I hearing things or is there a dog barking.

Doggies are devoted animals I liked back in Japan.

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