The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 84

Ah, it must be a mame shiba. How cute. But I can’t get over golden retrievers.

I heard Calcilast-sama’s voice. It feels joyous.

“Ooh, it’s a doggy. Moreover, it’s a mame shiba! It’s my favorite breed!”

Hee, Calcilast-sama also likes mame shibas, what a coincidence. Well, they are cute.

Oh, it’s running around vigorously. It’s a proof it’s still young. A doggy with light brown fur. It’s wagging its tail.

But, Calcilast-sama is fluffier than the doggy. I’m envious…

Calcilast-sama said “From today you are Mame-chan! I’m naming you!”

No, no, you can’t name someone’s dog.

Mame-chan licked Calcilast-sama’s enviously beautiful face.

An appearance of a ri, rival? It’s a pinch. I wonder if Calcilast will completely forget about me with this?

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