The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 85

Ah, I’m uneasy. So very uneasy…

I calmed my wavering heart and moved to Calcilast-sama’s side.

Mame-chan is flirting with Calcilast-sama. They’re intimate, aren’t they.

When Calcilast-sama stroked the doggy’s head, it barked woof in ecstasy. I wonder if it demanded more with it?

Calcilast-sama lifted Mame-chan and showed it to me.

“It’s quite a wonderful doggy. Please pat it”

When I gently held out my hand, the doggy sniffled it and twitched.

Ara, I wonder if it smells. I wash my hands well, but…

I called out to it “Mame-chan” while stroking it.

That child barked woof woof with narrowed eyes.

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