The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 88

Calcilast-sama put dog food on a paper plate and handed it to the doggy.

At first, Mame-chan sniffed it, next it munched on it. I wonder if it was hungry.

It’s eating well. Ah, it wants seconds. It has a talent for eating heartily.

After finishing eating, Mame-chan lied down. Now, now, you’ll become a cow.

Is it okay for a dog? Calcilast-sama stroked its head.

It liked it greatly. Well, certainly it’s an intelligent child.

Soldiers came to report to Calcilast-sama every twenty minutes. They’re serious.

Diligence is a virtue. It’s a wonderful attitude.

Mame-chan is sound asleep. Ah, it opened its eyes.

It looks like it wasn’t able to sleep well. I wonder if it became alarmed. I’m sorry if that’s the case…

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