The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 90

“Where’s the difference? What’s dissimilar?” Calcilast-sama said.

I quickly said “Unlike Mame-chan, I won’t lick a gentleman’s face in public!”

Calcilast-sama laughed loudly “Ahaha” and apologized.

“Marikana, sorry. My tension has risen. But, such a Marika is…”

I was listening carefully, but I couldn’t catch his words. Even though I was listening quietly.

Did he not say them? I tilted my head questioningly.

“I am? I didn’t hear you?”

Then Calcilast-sama said “The cake we ate before was delicious…”

I said “Are you trying to change the subject?”

Calcilast-sama returned “Yeah, I’m embarrassed…”

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