The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 92

It’s a difficult challenge for me… For example, like climbing a tall, tall mountain.

After freeing itself from Calcilast-sama and looking around, the doggy saw me, walked up to me and tackled me.

I wonder if it meant cheer up

Mame-chan rubbed me with its head with a smile(?). My feet tickle.

I gave it a talking “Mame-chan, stop!”

I wonder if it was just an illusion that it delightedly moved it ears like it was praised.

I crouched and hugged that child.

Does it smell of shampoo? A somehow nice fragrance stimulated my nose.

That child is being treated with great care. Rather than being scared of people, it’s extremely cheerful.

If it was a stray dog it wouldn’t be like this. I’m sure it would be fearful of humans…

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