The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 93

Mame-chan rummaged in my arms. What a tomboy.

Mame-chan raised its muzzle and gazed and me. Then woofed gladly.

It’s a child you cannot hate no matter what. It has a disposition of a natural airhead.

I raised Mame-chan high, then lowered it. With that, it woofed in wild joy!

Calcilast-sama listened to a soldier with his handsome face twisted in grimace.

I wonder if they haven’t found the owner yet? They’re talking quite a lot. I wonder if there’s some information?

I’m worried. I might have to part with Mame-chan soon…

Mame-chan, thank you for meeting me. Thank you for getting along with me.

After saluting at Calcilast-sama, the soldier ran off in a hurry.

Calcilast-sama walked up to me and said. He looks both sad and happy.

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