The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 94

“The owner was found. He lives rather close by. He seems to have been searching for it.”

An old man dressed in a chic robe was led by the soldier. His beard is long enough to scrape the ground.

Mame-chan took one glance at that person and leaped out of my arms.

Then, with an energetic dash, returned to its master.

A man and a small dog strongly hugged each other.

He repeatedly thanked me Master Marikanasu-san before leaving.

While leaving, Mame-chan looked back only once and woofed.

I wonder if it said thank you? Or was it bye bye?

Calcilast-sama nearby has tears in the corners of his eyes.

They got along so well… It can’t be helped.

I’m pleased Mame-chan will lead a happy life.

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