The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 96

I gazed at the glittering pale blue eyes and slipped out a giggle.

Calcilast-sama said “Marikana, dirt is stuck to your hand”

I reflexively looked at my right hand. Certainly, it is. Although only a little.

I wonder if it was when I played with Mame-chan or pigeons? Although I’m a young lady… I’m no good.

Calcilast-sama coughed and suggested.

“I happen to have wet tissues. What a coincidence”

Calcilast-sama gently wiped my held-out hand.

Ara, it smells like roses a little. I wonder if it’s their fragrance?

Calcilast-sama said “Let’s join hands a little”

I was shaken by its abruptness, still I held out my hand.

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