The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 97

Calcilast-sama’s large, white hand wrapped around mine.

It’s almost as if mine was completely enveloped. I feel safe as if I were in amniotic fluid…

Calcilast-sama faced me with a smile and said “Let’s walk”

Slowly, slowly, we advanced. Step by step, it’s being put into the album of my life.

My gait is light, but our frivolous talk has stopped.

My heart beats with each step… Like it’s dancing a waltz.

Calcilast-sama is smiling. I wonder if it’s because we joined hands?

Or is there another reason? Is there a woman other than me…?

I felt down. I hung my head being flooded by depression.

I… Right, I don’t amount to much. It’s a meaningless existence.

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