Troubled Villainous Daughter, My Fiancé Won’t Stop Approaching Me!? – Episode 14 – I’m Being Teased by My Fiancé?

Leonhart’s fingers touched Francesca’s honey pot. Very slowly, they entered and moved to loosen up her insides.

“Ya, ah…”

Scraping out the honey that oozed from Francesca’s inner depths, his fingers moved gently back and forth. Every time the fingers rubbed inside of her body, pleasure would boil up inside of her, causing her back to jump.

“N-no… Leo…n…”

“Then I’ll stop here. There’s no helping it if Fran says it’s disgusting.”

In a light-hearted manner, Leonhart withdrew his fingers.


Although it was Francesca herself who was reluctant, when he really stopped, her inner body was left strangely unfulfilled. Inside of her secret area—where Leonhart was touching earlier, it was throbbing.


“What’s wrong Fran? Isn’t that what you wanted me to do?”

Leonhart put on a teasing smile as he spoke, Francesca’s cheeks turned red and she looked down.

“Uh, umm…”

“How will I understand if you don’t say it? Could it be, that you want this?”

“Ts, aaahhhh—!”

Leonhart revealed a happy expression, then he brought his face near Francesca’s wet place. He extended his tongue, scooping out the honey as he traced her secret area… repeatedly stimulating her flower core.

“Ah, ahhhhn…! Yaaahn!”

“Telling me to stop, when you’re feeling this good. It’s not good to lie, Fran… You should be punished.”

“Hyah~… un, ahhhhh—!”

Feeling the touch of his slimy warm tongue, a sweet cry was ripped out of Francesca’s throat many times. She was unaware that her thighs were wrapped around Leonhart’s head. Her waist was floating, pressing herself against him.

“Ahhhh~… Yaaaah~!”

Her vision was flickering between black and white. Her back was arched, and her limbs were twitching from the convulsions. Francesca already felt extremely light. But Leonhart did not stop licking, instead he attached his lips to Francesca’s honey bud, and strongly sucked.

“Ah, aahhhh~ aahahhh~!!!”

The stimulation was too intense, during that time she met her climax. Every time her vagina clenched hard… she missed the feeling of Leonhart’s finger inside of her.

“Ah… ah… Leon…”

Francesca looked up at Leonhart in asking, he nodded in satisfaction.

“That look. It seems like you really, really want me unbearably?”

“… Ah, un—”

“It’s a nice look. Like you’re drowning in me. It’s fine if you drown, become captivated, or break… Hey, I’m going to ruin you.”

“Eh… ah…?”

Something hard pushed into her dripping wet hole, Francesca suddenly came back to herself. In the next moment, she felt scorching heat penetrate through her.


Her lewd hole was undone many times, the hot engorged spear was easily accepted. It was much thicker than his finger, and it was able to diligently bury itself in her deepest part. During this, Leonhart dropped down his upper body, and kissed Francesca’s forehead.

“Fran, it feels so good… It’s softer than before, and clenches around me. Even though it’s only the second time, you’ve become completely lewd. Here, Fran.”

“Un, an… That sort of thing, ahhh, that… yaaaah~!”

Whenever Leonhart pounded deep into Francesca, lewd wet noises would resound. Her secret area was overflowing with thick honey, it flowed down Francesca’s butt and wet the sheets.

“Ahh, Ahn… anh… nnaa…”

Francesca’s mouth gradually lost the ability to speak. Only her moans spilled out. She slowly lost her reasoning and rocked her waist according to Leonhart’s movements. Only thinking that he would give her mind-numbing pleasure.

Francesca was more sensitive than the first time. Because it was the second time… no, not that, because Leonhart felt closer than before, maybe.

“Fran, my Fran… I love you. It’s good if it’s you, it’s good if it’s only you. You absolutely can’t leave, Fran—”

The repeated whisper in her ear, made the light pleasure even more intense. Francesca wrapped her legs around Leonhart’s body.

“Ahh—ahh… unn.”

“I can’t hold out in this state. Well, I’m, almost—”

“Hyah… ahhhh, ahhhn!—Ahhhhh~!”

At the time Francesca convulsed and trembled, Leonhart pounded especially hard into her. The meat stick trembled and spurted out milky heat inside of Francesca.

Her body accepting the semen, it felt like a burst of white exploded inside of Francesca’s consciousness.

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