A NEET’s Guide to the Parallel World: Healer, the Strongest Cheat? – Chapter 15

Chapter 15 – Paladin

The royal white knights of Razhausen. The woman leading the group glanced around inside before looking this way, and seeming to notice something came over.

“Sierra-sama, so this is where you ran off too.”

As I thought, they knew Sierra.

“Yes, I made it back safely.”

The knight went down on one knee in front of Sierra her head lowered. I knew Sierra was someone great but seeing something like this just made me uncomfortable.

“Sierra-sama may I inquire as to the identities of these two.?”

“This is Nito-dono and she is Toa-dono.”

Sierra introduced us as I bent forward into a gentle bow.

“I see, my name is Annette. Thank you for taking care of Sierra. By the way Sierra-sama, why have you come to this place?”

“I promised to show Nito-dono the guild upon our arrival in the royal capital. As such my business here has finished.”

“Is that so? Well, that’s being the case Sierra-sama, will you be returning to the castle?”

Glancing behind us Annette noticed the adventurers glaring in our direction.

“Are you done talking now? You’re seriously underestimating me. You must have some big balls to keep the C class adventurer Yogi-sama waiting.” *1

“Sierra-Sama I shall take over as their opponent.”

With that Annette moved between us. ”

“An adventurer overestimating their own worth. Makes me want to beat you until such ignorance is incapable of escaping from that mouth of yours.”

“Oh you’re going to be our opponent? OK, after all you’re just one person.”

The adventurer who called himself Yogi grinned as he gazed at Annette as though he were licking her.

“Well then, let me get over there. Don’t go asking me to have mercy because you’re a girl, in the adventuring world everyone is equal.”

As he said this Yogi began moving towards Annette.

“[Wind Ball]”

Stretching her hand out, Annette released a small sphere from her palm toward Yogi.

” Guaaaah”

As the sphere collided with his stomach, it almost seemed to inject air inside it as Yogi was thrown backwards crashing into the wall. As Yogi fainted, I began to question the C class standards.

“Well then, Nito-dono, Toa-dono, I must be going so we shall split up here. Nito-dono, you truly surprised me but without you we couldn’t have saved him.”

She must be talking about Jack.

“Toa-dono it will probably be difficult for you from here on but, are you sure you’re ok with how that procedure went?”

The procedure she referred to was the government procedure she mentioned before.

“I’m….. Fine…… Thank……. You.”

“Well then, Nito-dono, Toa-dono, it has been a pleasure meeting the two of you.”

“You as well.”

Glancing at the men gathered around the fainted adventurer Yogi, Sierra turned and left with the knights.

“Let’s see where do we go from here? We finished registering as an adventurer, Ah why don’t we start by getting some new clothes.”

I wanted to get Toa some new clothes. Of course I was going to get some for myself as well. After all, wearing a high school uniform in a parallel world is total blasphemy. Disregarding the fact that it had grown dirty over the course of such a long trip, it should me burned in fire…. Lot’s of fire.

“Well then, shall we head on out as well?” As I said that something very important came to my attention. “Wait…… I don’t have any money..”

It just occurred to me that ever since I came to this world, I haven’t so much as even seen money. At this point thinking about getting new clothes is just stupid, I can’t even afford to eat or stay at the inn.

“You’re wearing some strange clothes aren’t ya.”

These words came from a shopkeeper selling equipment in front of the guild. Since there are adventurers like Yogi, I guess it’s pretty normal for a woman to be managing a tool shop. Anyway, I explained my situation to her.

“So you’re a total blockhead, I see. Still, you did manage to make it all the way here without any money.”

She proceeded to drop a bombshell.

“How about exchanging those clothes you’re wearing now? I’ll throw something in for the girl as well.”

A goddess. A goddess has appeared right in front of our eyes.

“we greatly appreciate your benevolence goddess! ”
“Goddess? Hahaha, you’re a strange one Aintchya boy. I’m Sharon, I’ll go pick ya something out so why don’t you come on inside for now.” With that she disappeared inside the store.

Upon entering, there were all kinds of swords, spears and various other kinds of weapons. Along with things like healing potions and a wide selection of other items.

” By the way, what’s your class? Like a knight or hunter?”


“Healer!? You just keep making things difficult. Alright since you’re a healer you’ll be wanting a robe and something to put Herbs in.”

Sharon was holding up what looked to be a fanny pack.

“Herbs? Can healers use herbs as well?”

“What are you talking about, you don’t know? Healers can only use healing magic right? So they use whatever they can to make healing useful, herbs are one of those things. Wait, do you actually not know herbology?”

“…….” There’s no way I would know is there.

” That face tells me you don’t. Seriously? It’s probably best if you learn at least something about pharmacy. I’m sure the royal library should have something on it, since you’re registered with the guild you should be able to use the library.”

“Thank you for the advice.”

I laughed bitterly as I bowed my head.

“What about the girl over there?”

“Paladin.” It was rare for Toa to speak on her own.

“Paladin!? Are you lying to me? Let me see your status for a second.”

Toatorica Rosef Urzuola
Race: Demon
Vitality: 3510
MP: 2925
Attack: 897
Defense: 780
Magic Attack: 975
Magic Defense: 858
Stamina: 780
Agility: 897
Intelligence: 819

Equipment: Robe of concealment
Skill: Evil Eye of Truth
Inherent skill: Domination

Magic: Lightning Speed, Lightning, Lightning roar, Lightning spear, Tornado, Wind Dance, Storm lance
Inherent Magic: Lightning storm, Lightning Storm-Blade

“Oh, well I’ll be damned.”

Sharon’s eyes grew wide.

“I’m sorry for doubting you.”

“What’s a paladin?”

“A magic swordsman, magic, sword. It’s characterized by the ability to handle the abilities of two jobs.”

Level 39.
I mean she is a higher level than the adventurers were. Most of those guys in the guild were single digits, those that made it to the single digits only got as far as level 17. Well, there was one guy who made it to level 23. But Yogi only managed level 8.

“More importantly that girl’s a demon.”

Demon. Aries was saying something about that.

“What’s are demons?”

“You really don’t know anything do you? Demons live in a big forest……. Well I don’t actually know much either. They’re a race that have great magic power from birth.”

Toa is a demon.
This is the first time I’ve met anyone that wasn’t a human.

“What’s the relationship between you two exactly?”

As a demon her status is overall pretty high and as a paladin she also has an abundance of magic.

And as such, how exactly did she get caught by the bandits? She should have been able to take care of it herself. Honestly, Toa is too mysterious I have no idea how to explain this to Sharon. Speaking of Sharon she provided us with clothes for Toa and a sword.

“Thank you for everything.”

“Hey these are cheaper compared to those clothes you’re wearing now you know.”

Apparently my uniform is high class.

“This is the first time I’ve seen adventurers like you. Nothing close to what I expected, a healer and a high level paladin.”

Sharon even gave us a bit of money but she seemed to still consider my clothes to be more expensive. What a fearful uniform.

“Hey Dumbo, I’ve got some advice for you. This country is fine but some people in this world don’t think the way we do. Being born with such high magic power means, many people have their eye on them as targets to kidnap. Even though you’re just a healer, if you’re a man you’ll protect her.”

Kidnapping, that’s some dangerous talk.

The square was crowded. We are taking a break next to a store where we had purchased juice.

Thinking of, Toa had an inherent skill. What was it again? Oh we have same [Evil Eye of Truth] skill. It lets you peek at another’s status……..

“Hey Toa.”


“Did you……. Look at my status?”

“I looked, why?”

“…….. You didn’t think anything of it?”

“Not really, just that it was strange.”

I was relieved to hear that.

“By the way, if you’re that strong how did you get caught by bandits?”

“Well, they were scary….”

Toa looked down embarrassed.

“You said that before you knew it, you were in that forest but, where were you before that?”

“In the castle.”

The castle? Is Toa rich?

“What were you doing at the castle?”

“Not much, in the morning I practiced magic, and the sword. After that…..”

“After that?”

“I waited for night time for my parents to come home.”

A sheltered life?

While she waited for her parents to come home it seems she talked to a pixie in garden. Apparently, since the time she was born Toa had never stepped foot outside the castle. Although I have my answer as to why she’s so scared. She’s like me, it’s the first time she’s seeing this world.

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