A NEET’s Guide to the Parallel World: Healer, the Strongest Cheat? – Chapter 16

Chapter 16 – Toa’s tears


Toa and I had arrived at the forest outside the walls, since it cost money to stay at the inn or even eat. Instead, for now we returned to the guild and found a high paying F rank request. While we were there we went ahead and got Toa registered. Of course compared to me a status like paladin and being of the demon race would have most likely caused some issues, so we disguised her status as well.

“Last one, this makes four! Ora!”

A “The goblins came as we were picking fruit, please drive them away so we can finish our work.” type goblin extermination request. Apparently goblins like fruit, who knew. I was half tempted to erode them all at once but, for goblins it was easy enough just to punch them in their stupid faces. My attack is over 6000 after all, as such sword or fist it doesn’t really matter.

As I killed the goblins [Goddess’ divine protection] activated by itself. However, at such a low level they barely had any healing items let alone any magic or skills.

“Alright, let’s head back to the guild then.”

Facing a monster Toa didn’t hesitate at all, in fact she seemed to be excited. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call her an upper class adventurer.

“By the way, why don’t these guys disappear?”

That’s been on my mind ever since I left the dungeon, mystery number one.

“You’re talking about dungeons right? I read it in a book before, monsters in dungeons are supposed to disappear but normal monsters don’t.”

And if that one of the numerous things that I have to find out about this world has decreased by one. By the way, monsters and devils are completely different. Back when I used the word devil when talking about goblins it was explained to me that devils have a certain level of strength and intelligence. Goblins and the like are completely different.

“Certainly, it seems you’ve taken care of this. Here is your reward.”

“Alright well, I’m tired why don’t we find an inn and relax.”

Toa yawned as I offered up this suggestion, the guild receptionist was even nice enough to point us towards a place to stay.

“Excuse me miss, would you honor me with your name?”

A man got close to Toa as soon as I looked away.

“Uhm, sorry but, this person is my companion so… Shall we go then?”

“Please wait.”

As I went to lead Toa away from him he grabbed her hand stopping us.

“Can I help you?” I asked with a smile.

“I haven’t seen you guys around before, but you’re adventurers right?”

“Yeah, we just started today.”

“I see, it’s only natural that I wouldn’t know you then. So you started with a goblin extermination?”

It appears that he’s been eavesdropping on the reception. Is that just a thing adventurers do?

“Sure did, and now we’re leaving.”

“That guy has such a bad attitude. More than that he’s forcing you on low paying missions like goblin extermination, you can’t earn any real money that way. Can he really satisfy you like that?”

It seems he’s after Toa after all.

“With me goblins go without even saying, but hunting wolves, giant snakes, it’s even possible to hunt grizzlies. What about tonight? I bet he has you staying in some cheap inn right? Why not come back with me instead?”

Now matter how many times this happens it’s still annoying. I should probably think about what to do about this in the future.

” I saw that fight earlier, this guy’s just a healer right? With that kind of occupation his adventure is already over, before it even begins. I can satisfy you in ways he could never accomplish! What do you say huh, let’s go!”


When Toa’s sudden shout rang out the man’s body was charred black as steam rose from his body.

” Uhーm Toa? ”

” Let’s go. ” Her eyes on the floor Toa grabbed my hand and led me out of the guild.

“Toa slow down, hey wait!”

Toa stopped walking but refused to turn around.

“You’re not going to say anything?”

I stood looking at Toa’s back as I asked this.

“You should say something! You’re strong!”

“I don’t get upset because I’m strong. I can afford to ignore it and what happens I disturb everyone there? What am I gonna do cut my way out?”

“You don’t have to think about what happens after! He was insulting you! It’s not frustrating to you?!”

Toa turned to face me with wet eyes as tears streamed down her face.

“I’m frustrated…… Masamune was insulted.”

I understood that she got angry and reacted in my stead, but she really shouldn’t have. Honestly I wasn’t angry at all.

“Sorry, thank you for getting angry because of me.”

“Yeah.” Toa nodded

“I’ll do my best to get angry next time, but it’s strange for a healer to be this strong. I don’t want to fight and draw attention.”

Toa seemed to somewhat understand.

” That’s why I got angry, for you!”

Did she really understand? Since this was all for my sake I didn’t say anything else, I just thanked her one more time.

” Alright……. Lets go. ”

I didn’t know if the issue was settled but we headed to an inn.

“Amazing, no matter how many times I eat this meat it’s still delicious!”

“Isn’t it though?”

The table in the inn was set with walstein meat.

“Have you ever had walstein meat before?”

“Never, the first time was in Tanya Village.”

It almost seemed like walstein meat was only ate around this area. Which reminded me, Sharon said that demons live in a giant forest. What kind of effect would that have on the food there?

“What did you eat in the castle?”

“Momma said it was food that raised your MP.”

Apparently she wasn’t told anything useful. The more I asked the stranger it got, I definitely want to try this food that increases MP though.

“I’ve got to go to that forest at least once. The castle Toa was at is probably there as well.”

Toa spoke up. “Are you gonna eat that?” Barely pausing to get the words out as she shoveled meat into her mouth.

“Eating this has got to make you stronger. I’m telling you, I’d do whatever it took to eat this meat.”

Toa seemed happy as she ate.

Do all demons eat like this? Tomorrow we’re going to need to do more mission wise than we did today. As it stands Sharon gave us some money but that won’t last through tomorrow.

” Shall we head back to the room then? ”

I decided to head off to sleep for today.
I was surprised to find that the room in such a place had a bath, although I would have preferred a shower. However, it seems that cheap inns that even have a bath are few and far between. In fact we were quite lucky this one still had a vacancy.

“I’ll sleep on the floor you take the bed.”

I don’t know if ladies first is a thing in this world but there’s only one bed so.

“What? You can totally sleep on the other side. Look I’ll sleep here and you there.”

What did she just say? That was an option?

“Hurry, you’re gonna catch a cold.”

“Toa….. I’m not really a good person to sleep next to.”

“I don’t mind, I trust you.”

What does she mean by that? If it was anyone from my old class it would have sounded something like “Don’t you dare come over here! Make sure you sleep until morning, do you understand me!?”

Toa led a sheltered life and they had a collapsed sense of virtue. It’s outrageous to try and compare them. However I have heard that this is something a man must do. I don’t know, it’s too deep I don’t understand. What does she mean she trusts me, that’s such a deep meaningful word. Can I bear it? Such a sweet scent.

“What are you doing? Aren’t you going to sleep?”

“I-I’ll sleep!”

I climbed in bed just like Toa told me to. It’s OK, it’s just sleeping. If you close your eyes anyone can sleep, it’s common sense.

“……..” I can’t sleep.

I don’t even feel like sleeping.

“Hey, are you asleep?”

“Not yet…..”

Even objectively I understand that I am not attractive.

“I…. Was always alone in the castle. Neither my parents or my sister would come home at night. All I had to talk to were pixies….. I was always lonely.”

Toa suddenly confessed this to me.

“But I’m not lonely now. Because Masamune is here.”

I felt Toa’s hand on my back. At that time I understood what she meant when she said she trusted me.

“Goodnight Masamune.”

“Goodnight Toa.”

When I noticed, I had already fallen asleep.

“Excuse me! Nito-dono are you in here?”

My eyes opened as someone knocked on the door.

“Hnnn, what?”

Toa woke up as well as I climbed out of bed.

“Good morning Nito-dono.”

Sierra stood there, this time clad in white armor beneath her robe.

“Good morning Sierra, what’s going on why have you come here?”

“Well I thought I would teach you to use the sword today.”

Now that I think about it she did say something about that.

“Speaking of which I haven’t seen Toa where is she?”

” Masamune, what’s going on?”

Rubbing her eyes Toa walked over.

“Wha-!” When Sierra caught sight of Toa she seemed to be at a loss for words.

Panties and a disheveled T-shirt.

“Nito-dono, this is what kind of person you are?”

Sierra slapped me, hard. Why am I being attacked outside my room this early in the morning?

“Hey what are you doing to Masamune!?”

“Hey calm down Toa! Sierra you have a misunderstanding.”

Toa…. What did you think you were about to do?
Something glowed at my feet.

The dragon heart Seig gave me that time the idiot threw fire at me. I feel like I’ve seen that light somewhere before. The light converged as a bad feeling crawled up my spine.

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