A NEET’s Guide to the Parallel World: Healer, the Strongest Cheat? – Chapter 27

Chapter 27 – Dragons Heart

“I can’t believe the king, if it’s a basilisk the adventurers in the guild should be enough to take it down. And the whole ‘ Once you’re finished go to the guild.’ If you’re going through the guild anyway there was no need to ask me to do it!?”

In a bad mood Sierra complained in the carriage on the way to the merchant town Wick. As a modern person, it’s hard to bear the carriages movement on the unpaved road. The damage was mostly to my hips and I thought I’d rather use [God Speed] to get there than ride this. But I soon got used to it as I listened to Sierra complain.

“Hey Nem, what can you do? Can you use magic?”

Sharon said Nem was strong and it seemed that Toa was interested in her as well.

“I don’t know magic. But I can use Cat Fist, I was taught that a long time ago.”

Nem seemed nervous as though she wasn’t used to us yet.

“What’s cat fist? Is it a martial art?”

“Master doesn’t know?”

“It’s the first time I’ve heard of it.”

“Then Nem will explain.”

Nem suddenly made a resolute expression and stood up inside the carriage.

“Cat fist is!”

Toa and I repeated her words. “Cat fist is?”

“Nem also doesn’t know.”

Nem sits down.

“But it’s a beast art that the cat clan knows.”

The atmosphere became tense.

“I see, so it’s a type of beast art?”

At that point Sierra who had been complaining came into the conversation.

“A beast art is a type of martial art that the beast race excels at, it differs between the race of the beast person. Where Nem-dono comes from the martial art would have been called Cat fist.”

“So Cst fist is the name of the school. But you can’t use magic?”

“Nem can’t use it now but Nem is a cat wizard so if Nem gets stronger she can.”

“A cat Wizard?”

Sierra sounded surprised.

“What’s a cat wizard?”

Toa didn’t know so naturally I didn’t either.

“Cat Wizard is a job unique to the cat race, I read somewhere that it was quite high ranked and was hereditary.”

“Hereditary? Wait, a job can be hereditary?”

“Of course there’s hereditary jobs. Jobs can also level up as you grow, I used to be a Knight but now I’m a senior knight.”

“Then what about a healer! Is it possible to become a priest?”

“A priest? That’s not possible. Priest isn’t exactly rare but it’s hereditary. Generally the origin of each job is known, but as far as I know healer doesn’t have an origin.”

“I see. I guess it can’t be helped.”

Healer for life…… The Weakest.

“Master is a healer?”

“Yeah, so all I can use is healing and support magic.”

“I see.”

This is probably where Nem will stop calling me master.

“Don’t worry Master! Nem will protect Master! And master saved Nem so there is no way Master is weak!”

Nem was so innocent.

“More importantly master, are we there yet?”

“Sierra how long before we’re there?”

“I believe we’ll arrive sometime tomorrow. Tonight we’ll either stay at an inn or sleep in the carriage. ”

“That’s a long time.”

“I can’t help that, Wick is quite far away.”

“By the way, is it OK to just leave like that?”

“It’s ok I left it to Edward. I also contacted Annette as well, just in case.”

When did she do that? Is there magic for that?

Speaking of which I have that dragon heart ring for telepathic communication, does Sierra have something similar to that?

“Do you happen to have a ring for telepathy communication? Actually I also have one.”

I took out the ring Sieg gave me.

“Of course I have one, as a white knight I am required to have one in my possession.”

It seems they are fairly commonplace.

“They’re convenient aren’t they. Being able to communicate no matter how far away you are.”

As a modern man it’s not something that’s surprising to me.

“No matter how far apart you are? I can only use mine in the capital. Do you seriously have one you can use outside?!”

“The guy who gave me this seemed to have said as much.”

“If that’s true it’s got to be expensive! Did they use pure ore for it? If not you couldn’t have a broad range of connection.”

A luxury good huh?……. I wonder how much I would get if I sold it?

“Did your friend give you that?”

“Not really a friend. When we met he attacked me, then gave me this in return, suddenly inviting me to be his companion.”

“Attacked you? What do you mean?”

“I mean what it sounds like. I was exploring a dark labyrinth type place and then before I knew it I was in a grassland. And they were there behind me. The treated me with hostility and attacked but afterwards I managed to recover the situation, then suddenly as I was leaving they were throwing fireballs at me. ”

” That’s terrible. ”

” Yeah, they then said even though I didn’t know of the organization, I was invited. They said I didn’t have to reply right then and gave me this ring. ”

” That sounds fishy. ”

Toa took the ring and stared at it doubtfully.

” The ring is probably the real deal, I can feel something strange coming from it. I don’t get it, didn’t you ask the name of the organization? ”

” Yeah, they said it was, dragon’s heart. ”

As I said that their expressions changed, Sierra in particular was astonished.

” Did you just say Dragon’s heart!? ”

” Yeah, do you know them? ”

” It’s not that I know them it’s that there is someone who doesn’t. ”

” Oh are they a famous organization?”

“Not exactly famous, they are wanted in a lot of countries. There’s a high bounty on their head.”

“They’re criminals?!”

“They’re going around killing politicians. Those they deem guilty of embezzlement or murder.”

“He said something similar. Something about getting rid of corruption and stealing a country.”

“Indeed, they kill those that commit such crimes, even if they are a king. It could be seen as them stealing a country. One such example is when they killed the queen of Toyland. It’s quite a famous story.”


“Do you know of it? King Prifa declared that his country should be filled with only cuteness, and conducted a genocide. More than half the population was killed and all of the elderly.”

“And so Dragon’s heart killed this King Prifa?”

“Yes but, not just him. They killed anyone with any relation at all to him. Including the children.”

Seriously, they actually killed the children as well?! That’s inhuman.

“Toa did you know about this as well?”

“I don’t know as much as Sierra does, but my father told me about someone named Carpent. I heard my mother talking to someone with that name about setting up the organization.”

“Carpent? Who’s that?”

“I don’t know either.”

“Masamune-dono, what are you going to do about that invitation?”

“I don’t know yet. Honestly at the moment I think I’m fine with whatever.”

If I don’t meet them again then there’s no point thinking about it. I can just sell the ring and forget about them.

“I see… Not only did you encounter them, you also defeated them and were invited to join. I expected nothing less.”

“He wasn’t such a bad guy, after all we just met by coincidence.”

Speaking of which, I did tell him I was going to Greyberg but, I wonder what they’re doing now? Could they be about to destroy that country? Thinking about that I suddenly remembered the faces of Ichijo and Saeki.

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