Since I Became a Saint, I’ll do Whatever I Want with My Second Life – Chapter 01

Chapter 01 – Cecil from the previous life

Misfortune comes by unexpectedly.

Though poor, there lived a happy pair of lovers Eugene and Cecil in the outskirt residential area of the capital. One day, a servant from the Haward house came by.

“Me? The next heir of the Haward family?”

Beside Cecil was a bewildered Eugene who was stunned by the news. That is to be expected. He had lived through a life of a commoner all his life, and suddenly he was told ‘you are a noble’.

And so, the servant nodded.

“Yes, Eugene-sama is definitely the son of the current head of the Haward house. Eugene-sama’s mother who had passed away 10 years ago was working as a maid in the Haward house back then, pregnant with the child of the Haward house and concealed herself afterwards.”

It seems the Haward house also has another son of similar age with Eugene who had just passed away half a year ago due to sickness. To compensate that, they would like Eugene to take up the seat as the next rightful heir.

A dreamlike fairy tale that turned out to be reality, Cecil is filled with nothing but anxiety and pulled on the sleeve of Eugene’s rough shirt which she was familiar with.

If Eugene decided to become the heir of the Haward house, he will not be able to stay together with Cecil who Is a commoner. They had even promised to marry each other. She turned dizzy to the thought of the future they had foreseen together just crumble down to pieces.

“For now, I will try going to the Haward house.”

As Eugene said after the servant went away.

Cecil was unable to reply in any way. Eugene had always wanted to know the whereabouts of his unknown father all this time. And now it is known. Putting the matter of becoming the heir aside, the chance to meet his own family member had appeared. She should feel happy for Eugene.

But on the contrary she was unable to feel happy. She really felt reluctant. She did not want to be left. She is unable to continue on living without Eugene.

“You will come back, right?”

As if he had looked through the despair of Cecil’s heart, Eugene smiled to ease her and held her tight.

“I’m just going to see my father. Don’t worry, I will come back soon. When I do, I will present to you a ring of our promised marriage. I finally have enough savings for a jeweled ring with the same eyes like you, Cecil.”

The next morning, Cecil had seen Eugene off with prayers. Eugene then departed off with his usual smile.

If she lost focus, all she could think of negativities. To drive it off, Cecil tried hard to spend her daily life like what she normally does. Have breakfast, go to work, do house chores, have dinner, and continuously waiting for Eugene’s return.

However, no matter how long she waited, Eugene did not come back.

Cecil then resolved to visit the Haward house.

She was then told by the butler of how Eugene had become the heir of the Haward house, and how he had become engaged to the noble daughter of the Gurd house and will be marrying soon. It has been news known publicly and the pair involved is very excited as well.

(That’s a lie…)

It was as if her head had been hit by something hard.

Unbelievable. She did not want to believe it.

Cecil then approached the butler who did not even try to hide his irriation.

“Just once is fine, please let me see Eugene! Just a while is fine!”

“I told you already! A mere commoner like you can’t see Eugene-sama!”

“I am Eugene’s lover! He even promised to marry me!”

“What absurdity, Eugene-sama is going to marry with the daughter of the Gurd house.”

“I beg of you, please, please let me see him just once!”

As the dialogue continue in the front gate…

“What an eyesore, what is happening here?”

A young lady clad with the trending silk dress and a matching hat shrugged her shoulders.

“Milady from the Gurd house!”

The butler whose attitude was way different when he was talking to Cecil had bowed down politely.

(The lady from the Gurd house… This woman is Eugene’s bride-to-be?!)

Cecil then catch her breath and gritted her teeth. A glance and anyone would know the difference between her and the lady.

One who is clad in a fine dress, skin white and hands smooth.

While Cecil who had claded herself with the finest dress she had to visit the Haward house, and still it looked like rug compared to the lady’s dress. Her skin is tanned hands were rough from her work of doing chores.

Everything was totally different.

It can be said that they live in different worlds, and it’s true. The harsh reality in the difference of a commoner to a noble is etched deeply in front of her eyes.

The lady looked down upon Cecil and spoke, “What is this? Why would a maid servant be here in the front gate?”

As if to say ‘you should have went through the back door befitting of you’.

“My deepest apologies, Milady! I shall drive her away right this instant!”, said the butler as he grabbed Cecil’s shoulder and dragged her away.

NO! If this continues on, I won’t be able to meet with Eugene, as Cecil tried to voice out and at the verge of tears.
“Please wait a moment! Just once, please just let me see Eugene once!”


The lady blinked and turned her vision to Cecil, a cold gaze as if she was looking a bug.

Cecil tried her best and gazed back to the lady, and she realized.

“That ring…”

The lady had a shining big blue jeweled ring on the fourth finger of her right hand.

In this country of Astoria, any maiden with an accessory on her right hand’s fourth finger would mean that it was a gift from a man she is close with. There is way that Eugene’s fiancé would put on something gifted from anyone other than himself.

As she timidly tries to lift her face up to glance on the lady, Cecil saw that the lady’s eyes were the same blue eyes as hers.

She was astonished. IT was Eugene, it really is his gift.

“… You. Would you happen to be the woman who was living together with Eugene-sama back when he was a commoner?”

The lady was surprised and had a smugged face facing Cecil who is on the verge of breaking down.

“Too bad for you but Eugene-sama is going to be wed with me. He now lives in a different world from a commoner like you. And to think what Eugene-sama said is true.”

“Eugene said something…?”

Cecil had nothing to cling on, and it looked like she tried to cling on the fact that in Eugene’s heart still contains her.

But what came out of the lady’s mouth was heartless.

“Yes, that his lover when he was a commoner, which is you, would misunderstand and try to see him again. Even though in actuality, you are someone who does not have anything to do with him. That everything was wrong, and that he did not want to have anything to do with you anymore, or so he said.”

The lady smirked upon seeing Cecil who had been hurt down to the core.

“Oh right, and he did say he will provide compensation.”

She had no idea how and when she had reached home. When she realized, she was in her room. She cried and cried and fell ill to the trending bad flu, and Cecil had to stay in bed.

The shock may have been the cause her will to weaken.

In her despair, Cecil who was 18 then passed away.

–Or so was the previous life of Liz.

500 years had passed after Cecil’s death, and within the same Astoria Kingdom is Cecil who is now ‘Liz Stephan’ who had reincarnated.

And her memories intact within her.

(Even if I say so myself, what a foolish life had I lived.)

Every time Liz remembers her previous life she internally badmouths that man who had suddenly turned into a noble and dumped his lover without regard, and just vanished without any explanation. And because she kept thinking of that man, she fell ill and die just like that. There is nothing but regrets. What a waste of a life that I could have lived.

And so she had resolved.

(This life of mine now, I will live if freely and however I wish of!”

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